The Advantages of Rapid Tooling
By Nice Rapid | Jun 10 , 2020

Mold manufacturing occupies a pivotal position in industrial industries such as consumer products, electrical appliances, automobiles, and aircraft manufacturing. Improving the level and quality of mold production technology is an important factor in the development of China's mold manufacturing industry. As people's life rhythm continues to accelerate, people are pursuing. At the same time of high quality, it is also pursuing the rapid development of production. The rapid tooling is constantly developing in this way.

Then, how about the special advantages of rapid tooling


1. High precision. The rapid mold is a tool with a specific shape, size and surface precision manufactured by its specific shape, which can be used for mass production, so its accuracy is at least an order of magnitude higher than that of traditional molds.


2. High production efficiency. Rapid molds generally use multi-energy molds of multi-station, multi-cavity injection molding and layered injection molding, which can greatly improve production efficiency, thereby bringing significant economic benefits.


3. Low risk of building mold. Since the core and cavity in the rapid mold are independent, when the customer needs to update the design, we can replace the entire mold and only need to replace the core and cavity. After opening the mold, the customer can avoid the unreasonably design risk of reopening the mold.

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