The Answers to These Questions of Painting During Making Prototyping
By Nice Rapid | Jun 01 , 2020

Painting is the common surface method for rapid prototyping, one the one hand, it can promote the appearance of the product surface, making the appearance become more beautiful; on the other hand, it can also hide some processing defects.

Following are the answers to these questions:

1.Why these are color aberration after painting?

Answer: In the Pantone color code, some colors do not have standard paints, and can only be adjusted according to the master's experience.

2.Why did the paint crack after the sample was placed for a period of time?

Answer:There are two situations: (1) uneven heating causes cracking when putting the prototypes into oven; (2) The primer of prototypes hasn’t been completely dry.

3. Why is there a phenomenon of oil accumulation?

Answer: Generally, this phenomenon will occur at the corners, due to gravity, the liquid flows down; another reason is that the spray is too thick when spraying oil.

4. Why do dust spots appear on the surface of the painted product?

Answer: This is because when spraying paint, there are dust particles in the air, which are scattered on the surface of the paint, thereby forming dust spots.

5. Why prototypes get deformation after painting? 

Answer: It is because of the material. Usually the prototypes need to be baked into oven, the temperature is high so that the material is easy to get deformation. 

Above are the common questions during prototypes painting. If you are interested in painting or you have any prototypes need to be made, feel free to contact us at

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