The Application Of 3D Printing In Medical Industry
By NICE Rapid | Mar 10 , 2020

3d printing as a new manufacturing technology is used in more and more industries because it is fast, high yield, and can make products with complex structures. With these advantages, 3D printing plays an important role in medical industry.


For example, the application of 3D printing in treatment, it can be used to make organs and bones. Since 2011, hospitals have used 3D printers to print organ replicas of surgical patients. Based on CT and MRI images of patients, doctors can use 3D printing to create life-size replica organs to evaluate these replicate organs. These printed organs are usually made of transparent materials. The outer layer of the model is translucent, so the doctor can see the structure and bones from the outside.


Of course, 3d printing is also used to make some rehabilitation equipment, such as orthopedic insoles, artificial hands and hearing aids, etc. We use 3d printing technology to make these rehabilitation devices. On the one hand, the accuracy of the product is better, and it is more suitable for the human body. On the other hand, it can achieve complex structures that cannot be produced by traditional machines and improve production efficiency. This is conducive to the continuous development of medical rehabilitation devices. 


There is also many medical equipment that will also use 3D Printing, which has great potential for future development. If you have any medical device products that require 3d printing, contact us at for quotations and suggestions!

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