The Application of 3D Printing Technology
By Nice Rapid | May 19 , 2020

Compared with traditional manufacturing technology, in terms of production process, 3D printing can be simplified to the extreme, without having to build mold in advance, and without the need for complex manufacturing technology to get the final product. Not only can greatly shorten the development cycle and reduce production costs. It also has the advantages of rapid prototyping and personalized customization.

Therefore, the application of 3D Printing is very wide. The application of 3D printing technology is mainly reflected in four ways: conceptual model, structure and appearance testing, direct manufacturing, and its main application is concentrated in the field of mass consumption. In the field of mass consumption, 3D printing is widely used, from process design, dental, Jewelry, medical care, models, prototypes, to teaching, scientific research, cultural creativity, etc. In recent years, 3D printing has gradually emerged in the education industry, and more and more have entered the classroom of primary and secondary school students, such as some simulation models, children's toys, etc.

Meanwhile, 3D Printing technology will be used in daily life. The commercialization of 3D printing has long been a reality, but it is currently facing bottlenecks in materials, software, etc. At the same time, printing speed, efficiency and accuracy also need to be improved. Although, 3D printers are not common to ordinary people, I believe in the near future It will appear in the study, on the dining table, in the kitchen, and become an indispensable helper in daily life.

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