The Application of Low Volume Production
By Nice Rapid | Jun 04 , 2020

The range of batch production is very wide, generally can be divided into large batch production, medium batch production and small batch production(Low volume production). Single piece small batch production refers to the production of single product is basically the production of special products in small batch demand. Mass production is indispensable in the market for its product innovation and uniqueness, mainly for the following reasons:

1.All kinds of mechanical equipment used in mass production are special equipment, and the special equipment is manufactured in a single piece small batch production mode.

2.With the rapid progress of technology and increasing competition, the product life cycle is getting shorter and shorter, and the development of a large number of new products has become the key to the company's competitive advantage.

Even if the new products are to be mass-produced in large quantities, in the research and trial production stage, the structure, performance, and specifications have to be improved in various ways.

3.The products manufactured in small batches are mostly production materials, such as large ships, power station boilers, chemical oil refining equipment, and assembly line production equipment of automobile plants.


Low volume production is gradually becoming the main trend of today's production methods and will continue to update and progress in the future. The further maturity of technology will bring greater convenience to our lives and work. Welcome to contact us at for a free quote

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