The Common Questions About Rapid Tooling
By Nice Rapid | Jun 03 , 2020

Rapid Tooling refers to making a mold in a short time and using the mold to form a product with certain shapes, size and surface tolerance. Following are some common questions about rapid tooling. 

1. What are the most important and critical factors when selecting mold steel?

Answer: It is the temperature of mold. Usually it can be selected between two basic materials, one is hot working tool steel, and the other is cold working tool steel. Hot working tool steel can withstand relatively high temperatures during die casting, forging and extrusion, and cold working tool steel is used for blanking and shearing, cold forming Cold extrusion, cold forging and powder compression molding.

2. What’s the first factor that bear on machinability of materials?

Answer: The chemical composition of steel is very important. The higher the alloy composition of steel, the more difficult it is to process. When the carbon content increases, the metal cutting performance decreases. The structure of steel is also very important for metal cutting performance. Cast, extruded, rolled already cut. 

3. The manufacturing cost of mold contains which components?

Answer:  The general cost distribution is as follows: cutting 65%, steel material 20%, heat treatment 5%, assembly/adjustment 10%. This also clearly shows the good metal cutting performance and excellent overall cutting solution for the economy of the mold the importance of production. 

4. What are the main and common process during mold manufacturing?

Answer: The cutting process should be divided into 3 types of operations. Roughing, semi-finishing and finishing, and sometimes even super-finishing (mostly high-speed cutting applications). In each process should strive to achieve the next process It is important to leave a uniformly distributed margin. If the direction of the prop path and the workload rarely change rapidly, the tool life may be extended and more predictable. 

Above are the common questions about rapid tooling. NiceRapid is specialist in rapid tooling, injection molding, rapid prototyping and low volume product. If you have any projects, welcome to contact us at to get free quote.  

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