The Current Development of Rapid Prototyping Technology
By Nice Rapid | Jun 11 , 2020

Today, the demands of the manufacturing market are constantly diversifying, high-quality, high-performance, low-cost, high-tech, and fast. Therefore, rapid prototyping technology has emerged in response to the needs of this. Rapid prototyping technology is based on the CAD geometric model of the part, through the software layered discrete and CNC molding system, and the laser beam or other methods are used to pile up the material to form a solid part.

Rapid prototyping has its own characteristics, such as high flexibility, rapidity, low cost, and adaptability to process various shapes of parts. The manufacturing process is independent of the complexity of the parts, not limited by tools, and can be freely manufactured. Prototype It has high reproducibility and high interchangeability, which makes the design, communication and evaluation more visual, enabling new product design, sample manufacturing, market ordering and production preparation to be carried out at the same time, effectively improving efficiency.

Of course, constantly improving the application level of rapid prototyping technology is an important aspect to promote the development of this technology. At present, the technology has been used in industrial manufacturing, culture and art, machinery manufacturing (cars, motorcycles), aerospace, military, construction, film and television, home appliances, Light industry, medicine, archaeology, carving, jewelry, etc. have been widely used. The continuous development and maturity of rapid prototyping technology has also brought great convenience to our lives and work. In the future, the application field of rapid prototyping technology will continue to expand, mainly focusing on the following aspects: 

1. Used for the design and trial production of new products. Before new products enter the market, we will try to make products through rapid prototyping technology, used to verify whether the product design is reasonable, so that some risks can be avoided; 2 used for rapid molding and rapid casting. At present, rapid prototyping technology has also been applied to rapid mold casting, which can improve the production efficiency of rapid mold; 3 machinery manufacturing; 4 home appliance industry. 

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