The Enquire of Injection Molding From Denmark
By Nice Rapid | May 25 , 2020

Many customers will have lots of questions before go into injection molding. Here is a client that from Denmark want to do injection molding, below are the questions: 

1. Hello, My name is David. I was referred to NICE Rapid Tooling by a colleague. I am interested in having the attached part made via injection molding. 

2. Here are the details and some questions I have:Volume: Will you please provide quotes for 25, 50, 100, 200, and 400 parts? 

3.Lead time: What is the earliest you could deliver it? 

4.We are on a short timeline and would be willing to pay for an expedited process. 

5. Part material: ABS Lustran. 

6. Mold material: Aluminum. 

7. Tolerance: What tolerance can I expect? 

8. Finishing options: Do you provide finishing? If so, what options and at what price? 

NiceRapid is specialist in rapid tooling and injection molding, according to customers questions, we are very pleased to answer and provide help to customer. Feel free to contact us at to get free quote. 

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