The Necessities of Why We need Low Volume Production
By Nice Rapid | Jun 11 , 2020

Multi-variety small-batch production (Low volume production) is a production method adopted by enterprises to meet the diverse needs of consumers. It has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost. Enterprises can achieve flexible and lean production by changing production organization and production processes, transforming production equipment, tooling, and strengthening production site environment and batch control, improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and benefiting from it.

Then, what are the necessities of doing small batches production?

1.Adapt to market competition. Now that the market continues to grow and develop, competition also exists every day. In order to stabilize and expand market share, companies need to continuously launch novel products, complete sets of products and serialized products to attract consumers' attention, thus Get the initiative to compete.

2.Meet market needs. With the continuous development of the economy, people's living standards have been further improved, people's values have also undergone major changes, consumers' hobbies tend to diversify, so as to pursue personalization, specialization, etc. Consumers have all kinds of the needs of enterprises make it necessary for companies to provide a variety of products to meet market demands.

3.Verify product design and reduce the risk of direct mold opening. We know that a product needs to make some prototypes to test the performance of the product in the early stage of design. Small batch production can meet customer requirements and use small costs to verify the function of the product. Pending product Through verification, you can enter mass production. This saves costs and reduces risks.

4.Follow up the pace of product elimination. The variety of products makes many consumers keep the freshness of new products shorter and shorter. The introduction of new products is quickly eliminated, and the trend replacement is accelerated. Therefore, the shortened product life cycle forces Enterprises continue to develop and produce more new products to provide markets.

Above are some necessaires for low volume production. If you are interested in this manufacturing method and have parts need to made, feel free to contact us at to get free quote. 

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