The Present Situation and Future Development Prospect of 3D Printing
By Nice Rapid | Mar 27 , 2020

Internationally, 3D printing is currently in a stage of rapid development. The global 3D printing market reached $5.6 billion in 2017, up 15 percent from 2016. Technically, 3D printing has been able to meet the needs of most industrial application scenarios. It can realize the manufacture of metal and plastic parts and finished products, the performance is similar to the traditional manufacturing process, the strength of metal parts is better than casting slightly lower than forging; Raw material preparation has been solved and all weldable metals can be 3D printed.


From the perspective of cost, 3D printing has already provided economic benefits in high-value and high-value-added industries such as aviation, aerospace, military industry and medical industry. Professor Mr Wang award-winning "laser forming technology of large and complex integral components of aircraft titanium alloy" fills the gap in China and is the only technology of 3D printing of large titanium alloy materials in the world. The 3D printing of sheet metal parts for wings of domestic large aircraft makes up the shortage of forging and pressing technology of this type of parts in China. Through the application of 3D printing technology, the titanium alloy door hinge of airbus A320 aircraft realizes the lightweight design and the manufacture of unconventional structural parts. When GE adopted 3D printing for the production of jet nozzles for aero-engines, one part replaced several others, reducing manufacturing costs.


The main problems of 3D printing technology are high cost of equipment, high cost of raw materials and low processing efficiency. For example, the M400 3D printer of EOS, which sells for 1.3 million euros, has a printing speed of only 100 cubic centimeters per hour, and the titanium alloy powder used for raw materials costs 3,000 yuan per kilogram. It is for the above reasons that the cost of 3D printing for mass production is relatively high at present, but with the development of technology, the cost of 3D printing will be reduced rapidly and its performance will be greatly improved in the future.


In China, the 3D printing industry has also developed rapidly, and various 3D printer manufacturers have sprung up. Search on a treasure 3D printer, the price of hundreds to thousands, tens of thousands, even millions, a wide variety, in all walks of life have been widely used. Of course, most of the applications are still used to make the board. What is prototype? Some places are also called the first plate, that is, the first sample of the product, when your product design, if the direct mold production, once the product design problems will be scrapped, a great waste of manpower and material resources and time; The hand plate is only a few samples, do not need to open the mold, the production cycle is short, thus saving cost and time.

As a OEM supplier, Nice Rapid provide 3D printing technology, as well as CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting. usually we will make the products according to the 3D models that provided by our customer. We are able to make both plastic and metal products, such as aluminum, steel, brass etc… And most of plastics are available, such as ABS, PP, PC, PMMA…

Besides, we provide some surface finish, like anodization, plating, sandblasted, painting, silk screen and so on. If you have any parts need to be printed, welcome to contact us at!
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