The Technical Parameters of SLA 3D printing porotypes and Characteristics of Resin Materials
By Nice Rapid | May 29 , 2020

Technical Parameters:

1. One-time rapid prototyping 3d printing size: 600 * 600 * 400mm, 340 * 340 * 200mm


2. 3D Printing layer thickness: generally, it is 0.05-0.25mm.


3. Achievable accuracy (molding accuracy): +/- 0.1mm.


4. Post-processing: Can polish, spray, electroplating, drilling and splicing large size objects.


Characteristics of Resin Materials:

White, transparent photosensitive resin is an engineering plastic very close to ABS, with smooth and delicate surface details.

Objet VeroGray FullCure850, VeroBlack FullCure870, VeroWhitePlus FullCure835 is an ABS-like, opaque white, color appearance and durable photosensitive resin material. The world's only one can be combined with different molding material additive layers (soft Combination of hard glue, transparent and opaque materials). Welcome to contact us at to get free quote if you are interested in 3D printing. 

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