What Are Suitable Materials for Prototype?
By NICE Rapid | Jun 27 , 2016

In the following four materials for prototype, only black PC can be spliced, while the other three materials cannot be spliced but manufactured in one piece instead. 

1.Prototypes of conventional products are generally made of ABS material,and the prototypes made of ABS are easy to machine,and more pleasant looking after treatment. 

2.Prototypes of high temperature resistant products can be made with materials including(1) epoxy resin; (2)bakelite; (3) black PC; (4) PA (nylon). 

3.Prototypes of wear resistant products can be produced withPOM or PA. Prototypes made of  both materials can not be spliced, but to be manufactured in one piece. 

4.Prototypes of products of high toughness can be produced withPA or PP.Prototypes made of  both materials can not be spliced, but to be manufactured in one piece.


5.Prototypes of transparent product can be produced with PMMA (acrylic), transparent ABS and transparent PC. Prototypes made of these materials with high transparency have the same feature of real products through polishing. 

6.The surfaces of prototypes are generally treated with spraying, electroplating, grinding, screen printing and pad printing. The spraying on prototypes include glossy,matte, sanded effects, transparent colour, translucent colour, fluorescent colour and rubber oil. 

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