What are The Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Housing in Rapid Prototyping?
By NICE Rapid | Feb 06 , 2020

In rapid prototyping, the aluminum alloy casing is widely used in the electronics industry due to its convenient processing, high flexibility and high grade.

Then, what are the advantages of aluminum alloy housing in rapid prototyping?

The excellent characteristics of aluminum and its alloys are its good appearance and light weight, Good machinability, physical and mechanical properties, and good corrosion resistance. As a result, aluminum is considered the most economical and practical material in many applications.

The density of aluminum is only 2.7g/cm3, which is about 1/3 of the density of steel, copper or brass (respectively 7.83g./cm3, 8.93g/cm3). Excellent corrosion resistance in most environmental conditions.

Aluminum surface is highly reflective, radiant energy, visible light, radiant heat, and radio waves are effectively reflected by aluminum. The anodized and dark anodized surfaces can be reflective or absorptive.

Aluminum has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. On the basis of the equal weight, the conductivity of aluminum is nearly twice that of copper. The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is about 50% -60% of copper, this is beneficial for manufacturing heat exchangers, evaporators, heating appliances, cooking utensils, and cylinder heads and radiators for automobiles.

Aluminum is non-ferromagnetic, which is an important feature for the electrical and electronics industries.

Aluminum is not self-igniting, which is important for applications involving handling or contact with flammable and explosive materials.

Aluminum is non-toxic, it is commonly used to make food and beverage containers. And its natural surface states have a pleasant appearance, which can be oxidized and electroplated into different colors.

Above are the advantages of aluminum alloy housing in rapid prototyping, if you want to know more information please contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com!

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