What Are The Advantages of The Prototypes with Painted Post-Treatment?
By NICE Rapid | Jan 25 , 2020

Oil spraying is referring to spray paint on the surface of product, which is currently one of the most extensive treatment processes. The effects of painting: matte, semi-matte, gloss, can be targeted at a variety of colors, textures, brushed, leather, soft feel and so on. So why we need to do painting, what’s the advantage?

There are several advantages:

1. Can cover small surface defects of the workpiece.

2. You can get various colors, gloss, appearance effects and feel through painting.

3. Enhance the hardness and friction resistance of surface.

General speaking, the appearance of the colored product is good, and at the same time, it can increase the friction performance of the product and protect the internal structure of the part from being easily worn away.

However, some plastic is difficult to be painted. For example, POM and PP materials are not suitable. After color painted, the surface will be fade when rubbed.

We often use an air compression painted method. It uses air compression to form an airflow. When the airflow passes through the paint cavity, the paint is brought into a suction pipe and sprayed out through a paint nozzle to form a mist-like oil layer. When this oil layer is sprayed on the surface of products, it will be evenly distributed, and the surface gloss will be good. If your project is needed, please contact us enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com for a free quote.

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