What Are The Post-treatment Methods of Product for 3D Printing (SLA) Parts?
By Nice Rapid | Mar 20 , 2020

As we know, the 3D printed parts are printed by machine layer by layer.  So, what else do the printed products need to do?


Usually there are three steps: Cleaning parts, removing support and Polishing. 


When the part comes out of the printer, it will be covered with uncured resin.  Before making other post-treatment, we need to wash parts. The common method is ultrasound, it is a easy and effective way. We need to inject sufficient isopropyl alcohol (IPA) in the bathtub to cover the print and let it stand for a few minutes, which will peel off the fine layer of uncured resin stuck to the model, leaving a smooth and clean surface. 



After cleaning, you need to delete the support structure added to the model. This can be done before or after curing. It is easier and more convenient to delete the support before curing. There are 2 ways to remove support.


1.Breaking the support manually is the fastest method, but some small details are difficult to be controlled and the product is easily damaged; we need to deal with the support carefully if parts require good function; 

2.For complex parts, we need to use a knife to cut support carefully.



After removing support, the surface will be affected by the support leaving a mark. 


If the surface needs to be colored or has a high requirement, we need to use abrasive paper to polish. The polished parts look better and more prefect. After cleaning, removing support and grinding and polishing, you can get high quality 3D Printing products. And these 3 steps are indispensable.


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