What Factors Bear on Prices of Rapid Prototyping?
By Nice Rapid | May 16 , 2020

Prototypes belong to precision product, which can be used in verifying design of products. Different clients will order different prototypes, taking account into quality, some client will require to use the material or process they need, in order to get the controlment of quality and cost. The cost of prototypes will depend on the size, constructure, complexity and some surface finish. Therefore, the prices are varied during rapid prototyping  manufacturing.  

1. Cost of material:  When making prototypes, different prototypes will need difference materials, some plastic is common, like ABS, it is a cheap plastic; But some plastic is infrequent in market, like PPS, so it is expensive than ABS. Moreover, the size of prototypes will bear on the prices of material, big size prototypes, it will need more material, so the prices is more expensive. This depend on the drawings that provided by clients. 

2. Methods of manufacturing: Different process will exist different cost during making prototypes, such as using CNC Machining, 3D Printing and Vacuum Casting, the prices are different; And metal prototypes are more complex than plastic during manufacturing. 

3. Surface finish:  There are some common surface finish, such as polishing, sandblasted, painting, silk-screen, the prices are different, and the prices will be added when requires more kinds of surface finish. Therefore, clients can select the relative surface finish according to their need. 

Feel free to contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtool.com if you have prototypes need to be made. Also, welcome to consult us about the surface finish you need, we will provide the best suggestion to you!

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