What material should be selected for manufacturing prototypes with high temperature resistant?
By NICE Rapid | Jan 16 , 2020

Among these plastic prototypes, the material with best high temperature resistance is PPS material, and its molding temperature is about 300-330 degrees.


Its most prominent feature is high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and superior mechanical properties. Based on our 15 years of experience in prototypes processing and products, PPS materials can be made at 230 ° C without any deformation. Therefore, when customers would like the ducts to have good deformation resistance, PPS materials would be preferable.

In addition to PPS material, PTFE (commonly known as "Plastic King") has excellent high temperature resistance. It can still maintain a prototype even if it is under a high temperature of 200 degrees, and it is also a very good material. Excepting above two materials, PC plastic also have good high temperature resistance. In theory, it can withstand high temperatures of 130 degrees, which is much better than ABS prototypes.

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