What Materials Should Be Used to Make Transparent Prototypes?
By NICE Rapid | Jan 21 , 2020

In the prototype industry, PC and PMMA (acrylic) are commonly used materials for making transparent prototypes.

But we will meet such a problem: Some customers have a habit. If this product uses PC transparent material in future mass production, then they also choose PC transparent material when they ask for a prototype.

So, what materials should be used to make transparent hands? Are they made according to customer requirements?

At this time, we should explain to the customer clearly: PC material is rather robust, and it is difficult to achieve transparency through polishing. Generally, it needs to be smoked to be transparent.

Therefore, when customers need transparent products, we will give priority to acrylic materials. Let's share them in detail:

1. From the point of view of grinding and polishing, pc material is difficult to be polished, and it takes lots of time because of robust material, and in some small places, it can't be polished by hand. The acrylic material is relatively soft, it saves time in polishing, and it is much more convenient during manufacturing.

2. In terms of color and luster, PC material is not completely transparent. If you carefully observe the raw PC prototypes, you will find that its surface is purple. If you want to make it completely transparent, you need to vapor products by liquid medicine for a while (this is a chemical reaction called fumigation & smoky);

The acrylic material itself is completely transparent. Once polished, it is very transparent.

To sum up the difference between pc and acrylic, that is "pc prototypes depend on vapor, and the acrylic prototypes depend on polish."

We have made lots of transparent products for customers, including PC and PMMA, have lots of experience as well. If you need to make transparent products and projects to be developed, please contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com for advice.

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