Which is Better Between CNC Machining and 3D Printing?
By Nice Rapid | May 04 , 2020

With the popularity and widespread use of 3D printing, many people have been exposed to this type of product. Like 3d printed toys, houses and more. 


General speaking, lots of parts with complex structure can be 3D printed,it not only has a beautiful appearance, but also prints quickly, which can greatly improve work efficiency.


However, considering the issue of cost, large-scale prototypes will not use 3d printing, but will still use traditional CNC Machining. Like a car bumper, it is bulky, and the cost is slightly lower if use CNC Machining. But the cost is higher, and the strength performance is not as good as CNC Machining.


3D Printing is suitable for products with relatively small volume, which are generally electronic products. It has a complex structure and light weight, fast printing time, good quality, and can print easily. 


Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate process when making parts. For larger products, we still prefer to use traditional CNC Machining, and then some more complex and small products choose 3d Printing will be more suitable.


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