Why Do We Need 3D Models to Make Rapid Prototyping?
By Nice Rapid | May 25 , 2020

“Why do you need 3D files to make prototypes? Do the 2D drawings or the molds of products are available?” Many customers will send the 2d drawings during the stage of enquiry, and we will quote according to the basic dimensions and materials. However, customers need to provide the 3d files to us when making prototypes. 

Because the 3D model also called a three-dimensional stereoscopic image, it can see the hidden image and internal structure of the image through the coincidence and separation of the visual imaging system of the eye. In layman's terms, it uses the visual difference between the two eyes and the principle of optical refraction in a plane. It allows people to directly see a three-dimensional painting, which can make the eyes perceive the three-dimensional relationship of up, down, left and right, and front and back of the object. Engineers can understand the size of the prototype model made by the customer more clearly through the 3D picture The size, internal structure complexity and product appearance effect are used to judge the man-hours required for the production of a prototype model, which can accurately and quickly quote and deliver to customers.

At the same time, whether it is CNC processing or 3D printing processing requires 3D graphics to be programmed. In this way, the machine will process the product according to our programmed code, so as to achieve the effect required by the customer. Therefore, in production and processing, 3d drawings are necessary Indispensable. Many customers worry that sending 3D drawings will expose their designs. This can be assured. We can sign agreements with customers to ensure that their designs are not disclosed.

If you have prototypes need to be made and you do not have 3D files, don’t worry about it. we have professional engineers can create a 3d model according to the drawings that you provided. Welcome to contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com to get more information.  

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