Why Photosensitive Resin Material is the First Choose When SLA 3D Printing?
By Nice Rapid | Jun 10 , 2020

When we ask a company which is the common material for SLA 3D printing? Most people will say Photosensitive Resin. Why?

Photosensitive Resin is molded by SLA/DLP technology, SLA is also called photocuring molding, it uses ultraviolet rays or other light beams to cure liquid photosensitive resin. Photosensitive resin is a kind of 3D printed plastic material. It is similar to ABS. It has a smooth surface, high precision, sprayable paint, and moderate hardness. It is more suitable for 3D printed prototype models, such as some products that pay attention to appearance requirements. Photosensitive resin has the following characteristics:

1. The finished product of 3D printing of photosensitive resin material has very good details and high surface quality. It can be colored by painting and other processes, and the method is simple and easy to operate.


2.The photosensitive resin can withstand high temperature and has good toughness. The photosensitive resin is generally in a liquefied state. Items printed with this material generally have high strength, high temperature resistance and waterproof characteristics.


3. The photosensitive resin material not only has a good molding effect, but also has a relatively cheap price and low production and processing costs. For some customers who need to do some samples, it is a very good choice. The production cycle is fast, and costs can be effectively saved.

It is precisely because of above characteristics of photosensitive resin that photosensitive resin has become the material of choice in 3D printing. We are a professional 3D printing and prototype manufacturing company. If you have any parts, please contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com for a free quote.

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