Why The Cost Of 3D Printing Metal Part Is High?
By NICE Rapid | Mar 10 , 2020

Sometimes we received the feedbacks from customers that they think the prices of3D Printingmetal part are very expensive when quoting, even 2-3 times more expensive than ordinary plastic printing. So, what causes 3D printed metal prototypes to be expensive?


First, the 3D printing metal equipment is much more expensive than the resin printing equipment, and its performance is superior in all aspects. Therefore, the cost is higher, and the product is more expensive. Just like in CNC machining, 5-axis machining is higher than 3-axis 4-axis.


The second is the difference in raw material prices. Some metal raw materials are specific materials and need to be imported. Its cost price is much higher than resin materials, so product prices are high.


Third, we know that the price of3D printing products is based on weight. Generally, the weight of metal materials is higher than that of resin products for products in same volume, so the price of printing metal prototypes is high.


Finally, and most importantly, the process of removing support is N times more complicated than printing resin. If the product structure is complex and the support is slightly more, we need to cut the support with wire cutting. These will generate additional post-processing costs, so 3D printing Metal prototypes are usually more expensive.


The above is the reason for the high price of metal 3d printing, which is also determined by the performance of the metal itself. If you have any metal skins that require 3d printing, please contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com , we can provide superb technology at a preferential price.

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