Zhongshan Woos ASEAN!
By NICE Rapid | Dec 02 , 2016

Websitezsrenn.com reports that companies throughout the Pearl River Delta and especially those based in Zhongshan, have been using the Zhongshan Trade and Investment Fair to attract business from neighbouring ASEAN countries. Businesses are being told to ‘go global’ by the Mayor of Zhongshan, Feng Yurong, and to think about exporting products produced in the region abroad. Surprisingly, there are a large number of companies that manufacture solely for the domestic market and who do not feel that they have the capabilities and systems to attract foreign trade. This is, of course, not necessarily the case and it will be interesting to see the type of information the fair and the municipality provides to help such companies I their quest to sell internationally.

It is certainly the case that many Chinese companies who started manufacturing only for the domestic market are now some of the largest international traders and this positive outlook in relation to Chinese manufacturing skill and quality will surely allow all businesses who want to sell to both ASEAN countries and those further afield prosper. It is necessary, however, to ensure that customer service, quality control and intellectual property rights are up to the standards of Western countries if such international trade is to become the norm and in lieu of producing products more expensively closer to home. This also brings up the small matter of carbon emissions created during air and sea shipping and whether companies who have green credentials in their home markets will be willing to allow such prolific use of air freight to move product across the world.

The ASEAN block is now the fourth largest investor in the Zhongshan region and its fifth largest trading partner with more than US$439 million invested in the city. This has especially been the case in the electronics, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors, with new markets being attracted from their previous manufacturing bases to Zhongshan by a skilled workforce and a proactive, pro-business local government.

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