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Think Before You Flush: World Toilet Day 2016!
Nov 30 , 2016 | International News
Just in case you missed it, November 19th was World Toilet Day! Bear with us before you give up reading and find something more high-brow, but there is an important message that World Toilet Day wants to get across and it isn’t a load of you know what… The world is facing a global sanitation... read more
Carmakers Follow the Road to Guangzhou
Nov 29 , 2016 | Regional News
Car manufacturers have flocked to Guangzhou for the Auto Guangzhou 2016 show, which promises to showcase the latest vehicle technology from companies all over the world, including China. The latest trend in vehicle manufacturing is the ‘Zero Emission Vehicle’ (ZEV) and this is definitely proving the case... read more
Chinese Scientists Too Cool for School!
Nov 28 , 2016 | National interest
Chinese scientists have used their recently-launched space lab,Tiangong-2, to conduct experiments using the Stirling Cryocooler. Seeming to come from the realms of science fiction and fantasy, the team from Lanzhou Institute of Physics have used the cryocooler to lower the temperature... read more
Astronautical Engineers?
Nov 22 , 2016 | Regional News
Reported by the China Daily, engineers could be in for a chance to become one of China’s future astronauts, when China starts to recruit and train the third generation next year. Huang Weifen, deputy research head of theAstronaut Center of China said that he wants to broaden the scope and... read more
U.S. and China to Ratify Paris Climate Change Agreement
Oct 19 , 2016 | China News
China and the U.S. have finally agreed to ratify the climate change deal made in Paris at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou. The momentous decision made by the two countries, who have generally been regarded as some of the worst polluters in the world, will allow them to reduce greenhouse gas... read more
Final Section of Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge Completed
Oct 07 , 2016 | China News
China Daily reports that the final sections of the Zhuhai portion of the bridge have now been lowered into place,completing the one of the largest parts of the project and contributing to the prospective opening time for the bridge of late 2017. The 35 ton expansion joint is the final piece of... read more
New Chinese Requirements for Low Sulphur Marine Fuel
Oct 07 , 2016 | Pearl River Delta News
Gard.no has released an alert stating that China has added further requirements for the Sulphur content of marine fuel for vessels operating in Shenzhen Port from October 1st 2016, whereby they must use marine fuel with a Sulphur content of below 0.50 in Port. The change is part of China’s... read more
U.K. Brexit Recession Fears Unfounded Say OECD
Sep 27 , 2016 | Other news
City AM, the London-based newspaper stated yesterday that contrary to the economic doom and gloom by both the previous U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne, and Mark Carney, the head of the Bank of England, the U.K. does not appear likely to suffer a recession as a consequence of... read more
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