A Professional Rapid Prototyping & Rapid Tooling Manufacturer in China
By NICE Rapid | Jun 22 , 2016

NICE is a professional Rapid Prototypinglow-volume manufacturing and rapid tooling manufacturer in China. It is devoted to providing efficient solutions to reduce product R&D expenditure and time and timely launch products to the market. Our prototype service including rapid injection molding, rapid die casting, rapid sheet metal, rapid CNC machining, rapid CNC turning, CNC prototyping, Wire EDM, prototype extrusion and Vacuum Casting.

Usually, all products just developed or designed need prototypes, because it is the first step to verify product feasibility and the most direct and effective way to find out the defects, shortcomings and disadvantages of the designed products. It can purposefully improve the products until no fault can be found out from individual prototypes. In addition, small batch production is needed to find out shortcomings in volume production and corresponding improvement needs to be made. As the products designed may not be perfect and even cannot be used, direct production may lead to product discarding once defects are found. Generally, prototypes are a minority of samples, with a short production cycle and less manpower and material resource consumption, so we can quickly find out the shortcomings of product design and make improvement so as to provide sufficient basis for volume production.

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