CNC Machining - How to Maintain CNC Machine Equipment?
By NICE Rapid | Feb 06 , 2020

To get high quality and high precision CNC Machining China products, a good machine is very important. Then, how to maintain CNC machine equipment?

The key is to strengthen preventive maintenance routine maintenance, as follows:

1. The daily inspection mainly detects the normal condition of each system

Main items: hydraulic, spindle lubrication, rail lubrication, cooling system, pneumatic system.

For example, when testing the spindle lubrication system, the power light should be on and the hydraulic pump should be running normally; If the power light is off, keep the spindle stopped and contact the mechanical engineer for repairs.

2.  The machine tool parts and spindle lubrication system should be inspected weekly, especially the machine tool parts should be cleaned of iron debris and external debris cleaning.

3.  Monthly inspection mainly checks power supply and air dryer.

The power supply voltage is rated at 180V-220V under normal circumstances, and the frequency is 50Hz. If there is any abnormality, measure and adjust it. The air dryer should be disassembled once a month, then cleaned and assembled.

4. The quarterly inspection mainly checks the machine bed, hydraulic system, and spindle lubrication system.

For example, when inspecting the machine tool, it is necessary to see whether the machine accuracy and machine level meet the requirements in the manual. When checking the hydraulic and spindle lubrication systems, if there is a problem, the new oil 6oL and 20L should be replaced and cleaned.

5. After six months, the hydraulic pressure of the machine tool, the spindle lubrication system and the X axis should be checked.

If there is a problem, new oil should be replaced, and then the cleaning work should be carried out. For example, when the fuel pump does not inject fuel, the pressure is abnormal, and noise occurs, you should know the main reasons and what are the corresponding solutions.

Careful maintenance of the machine tool can maintain the long-term stability of the machine tool's processing accuracy and prolong the service life of the machine tool. For more CNC Machining information, please contact us at!

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