CNC Machining of customization--These points must be paid attention to!
By NICE Rapid | Jan 18 , 2020

When customizing CNC prototypes, there are some issues that need our special attention. Today let’s share some details that occur in CNC Machining!

The first is to clarify the surface treatment method. Generally, post-treatment includes sand blasting, electroplating, oxidation, polishing, etc. Different methods have different effects after they come out, and processing costs and time are also different. Therefore, we must determine the post-treatment we need in advance. Avoid the wrong methods, to save time and money.

Second, we need to determine the performance of prototype. What do we need? Does the product need high temperature resistance? Stronger abrasion resistance? More toughness? Or overall processing? These are related to the material we need.

If the product needs high temperature resistance, it is better to use PPS material, it can withstand high temperatures to 300 degrees. If you want to transparent prototypes, it is recommended to use acrylic material(PMMA); but if you want to disassemble large products, using ABS material is a very good choice, because its viscosity is relatively strong, and the strength of the disassembly component has a greater impact on the material itself small.

The last point is the advance budgeting of costs. Even if low volume prototypes production, it requires corresponding costs. You need to make a budget in advance to avoid delaying new product development due to insufficient budget. Therefore, you must determine your own needs and budget before investing in prototypes, and then find the corresponding prototype manufacturer according to your actual situation.

The above is the CNC Machining prototypes, we need to pay attention to some details.

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