CNC Machining - What are The Characteristics of POM?
By NICE Rapid | Feb 06 , 2020

In CNC Machining, the most common materials are ABS, acrylic (PMMA) PC, PP, etc. Today let’s to know what the characteristics of POM.

Polyformaldehyde material, also known as POM, is a kind of material with very good ductility and toughness.

In many cases, polyformaldehyde material is used to make some bearing and gear products, because its friction coefficient is very low, and its physical and chemical properties are very stable. When testing the structure ofCNC Machiningprototypes, using computer program to make some good hot runner components, the precision is very good.

POM has good high temperature resistance and can be used in high-speed mechanized parts. POM is a good choice when you need structural inspection tests in high temperature environments. In addition, the color of polyformaldehyde is generally white and black, which is very similar to nylon. Even many times, POM and nylon materials can be replaced and processed because their physical and chemical properties are very similar.

POM material has completed types such as plates, bars, the density is 1.42g/cm3. The surface can be polished and sandblasted etc... Long-term temperature resistance of 100 degrees, generally between 40 degrees -100 degrees, reaching 85 degrees Shore D hardness without sticky water, easy to get deformation. Therefore, we suggest that do not to make big POM parts by separately because it has poor adhesive force when reaching 85 degrees Shore D hardness.

Polyformaldehyde material can not only guarantee the strength of the processed products, but also have a certain toughness, and can resist high-strength impact, so more and more customers prefer to choose this material. We have raised lots of experience to make rapid prototyping with POM material, please feel free to contact us at if you are interested in POM!

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