Enquiry of CNC Machining From Germany
By Nice Rapid | May 15 , 2020

CNC Machining is become more and more popular in rapid prototypes industry. Many clients like to CNC products because of the high precision and high good quality. Recently, we received a enquiry from Germany client, below is the details: 

1. Hi, We are a startup company in Germany. We would like to request a quote for a CNC mockup. 

2. Please find model files attached. They are SLDPRT format, please let me know if they are available? If not, I have other format model files. 

3. There are 4 parts: 1. Part name: front_cover Quantity: 1 Material: polycarbonate (PC) 2. Part name: back_cover Quantity: 1 Material: polycarbonate (PC) 3. Part name: clip_front Quantity: 1 Material: polycarbonate (PC) 4. Part name: clip_back Quantity: 1 Material: polycarbonate (PC) 

4. What kind of colors/surface finishes do you provide? Thank you.

NiceRapid is specialist in rapid prototyping, CNC Machining, 3D Printing, vacuum casting and rapid tooling. If you are interested any one of our services, welcome to contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com, I believed that you will get the quality parts and services from our company!

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