Enquiry of CNC Machining From Switerland
By Nice Rapid | May 21 , 2020

We always receive the inquires of customers about drilling/milling parts, especially for metal parts. Many customers like to drilling/milling aluminum parts by CNC Machining. Recently, we received an enquiry from Switzerland customer, below are the details: 

1. Dear Sir or Madam I'd like to get a quotation for a drilling/milling part. 

2. You can find the pdf drawing attached to this email. 

3. Order quantity over the course of 2018 would be 500 to 600 pieces in batches of 100 pieces. The first batch for testing would be around 12 pieces. 

4. All surfaces except the one where the threads are could be raw, so it would be possible to use a standard 10x4mm profile. Thank you already in advance. 

General speaking, customers like to do small quantities before go into large quantity. On the one hand, they want to test the quality of suppliers, this can help customer to find a reliable supplier for long cooperation; on the other hand, they will verify the function/assembly. Once the function is not well, they can change design without large cost. NiceRapid is a professional manufacturer and can provide the good quality products, feel free to contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com!

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