Enquiry of CNC Machining From UK
By Nice Rapid | Jun 02 , 2020

CNC Machining is a common manufacturing method in our company, both for metal and plastic material. Recently,  a customer from Uk send an enquiry to us about cnc machining. Below is the details: 

1. Hello Sir, I know your company from my friend who is cooperated with you for several projects. He is satisfied with the quality of products so he recommend your company to me. 

2. Enclosed please find the 3D files, this is the original design. Maybe I will change design later but this time you can use them to quote. 

3. I want to CNC some metal parts. The material is Stainless Steel. I don't know which type ( SS 304, SS 316...) I need now, but I open for your suggestions. I need this parts for a desktop bedplate, so good impact resistance is necessary. 

4. For the surface finish, I want to polished surface. Are you able to do N6 or N8 polishing? Meanwhile, I want to know some mirror polishing, can you do it?

5. At this time, I will only need 5 pieces. Please provide the quotation to me asap.

Above are the enquiry from Uk customer. Yes, we are specialist in CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting...if you want to get more information or free quote, feel free to contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com

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