Enquiry of Rapid Tooling From UK
By Nice Rapid | Jun 12 , 2020

Recently, we received an enquiry of rapid tooling from UK customer. They want a mold for a big production. Yes, when you need big quantities for your products, the rapid tooling would be the good choice. Below, let's see the details from customer.

1. Hello, I want to put on the market a skimmer pool.Currently I want a preview of the price because I shop manufacturing companies. 

2. The plastic will be polypropylene I want a mold for a big production, thousands of pieces.(Over 50,000) I send you my drawing, it may be that depends on the price that the coin is twice as large. 

3. Ideally, I'm looking for a mold maker and a producer. 1- approximate price a mold b-injection 2- how long for you to make the mold. 

4. Looking forward to your early reply. Thank you and good day.

NiceRapid is specialist in rapid tooling and rapid prototyping, we provide lots of services of CNC Machining, 3D printing and vacuum casting and low volume production...please feel free to contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com to get more information. Looking forward to your enquiry!

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