How Does 3D Printng Technology Achieve Portrait Printing?
By NICE Rapid | Feb 21 , 2020

Advanced Technologies for 3D Printing Portrait Procedure

3D printing technology also known as "Additive Manufacturing Technology", it has the advantages of material saving, energy saving, and forming without being limited by the complexity of parts. And it has successively entered the fields of industrial manufacturing, biomedicine, and maker education, the scope of application in the future will become wider and wider.


The portrait printing is one of the most popular application in 3D printing. In recent years, some reaches show that 3D scanning and 3D printing portrait technology have gradually entered the public view. More and more people want to be able to print their own portraits through 3D printing. Then, how exactly does 3D printing technology achieve portrait printing?


Scan the portrait data directly with a 3D scanner, and then use the prototype photo as a reference to refine the scanned 3D data and adjust the size ratio of the 3D data according to customers’ requirements. 3D printing based on human model data obtained from 3D scanning, you can print a three-dimensional model of the portrait. If you want to obtain high-precision, realistic 3D printed portrait models, it is best to use industrial-grade 3D printers.


At present, the machines that can realize full-color printing worldwide have a high cost, and one requires several hundred thousand yuan. Therefore, many domestic 3D printing portrait shops use industrial-grade FDM or light curing 3D printers to print white portraits, and then manually color them later. Industrial 3D printer, accurate and stable printing, can produce smooth, fine and complete portrait models, but the cost is greatly reduced. 3D printing portrait is the application of 3D printing technology to mass consumer products and to the people.


Of course, 3D printing technology is still constantly improving and developing. We are also paying close attention and are happy to share emerging technologies with you, contact us at for more information!

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