How Does CNC Manufactures Large Medical Equipment Prototypes?
By Nice Rapid | Apr 03 , 2020

In the prototype industry, large-scale medical equipment prototypes are a test of the technical strength of prototype factories. Many prototype manufacturers can make general digital prototypes, but few prototype factories can make large-scale medical prototypes. 


From a technical perspective, medical device prototypes can be regarded as a technical gap that is difficult to break through from ordinary prototype manufacturers to high-end prototype manufacturers.


When making medical device prototypes, most customers are still concerned about whether its structure is accurate, and its appearance is exquisite. And most of the medical prototypes are mainly sold as products, so its structure and appearance are very important.


Medical device prototype requires accurate reserved space in it, so that it can better install electronic components and realize product functions. This requires that when the prototyping factory makes the prototyping, the control of accuracy is stricter. Large-scale medical equipment prototypes usually require advanced CNC Machining equipment, with a processing accuracy of 0.02 mm, which can ensure the accurate installation of electronic components, so that the prototype has the corresponding functions.


Secondly, customers also pay great attention to the appearance of medical equipment prototypes. If the appearance of the product is ugly, customers will question the quality of the product and make it difficult to sell the product. Moreover, medical equipment prototypes are very expensive equipment, and they need good quality.


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