How to Clear the Round Angle into Right Angle with EDM After Finished CNC Machining Manufacturing?
By Nice Rapid | Jun 05 , 2020

We know that the tool knife of CNC Machining is cambered, the products will keep the round angle after finished cnc machining. Therefore, if the product has right angle need to be made, it is difficult to manufacture by cnc. Then, what should we do?

Usually in this situation, we need to use EDM as assistance to clear the round angle into right angle. Thereby, how does the EDM work?  It has below some process:

1.According to the requirements of the drawings, compile the operation program of the machine tool and set the processing parameters;

2.Before the formal processing, it is necessary to simulate the running of the set machine operation program, and then perform preliminary trial processing;

3. Use "E6" parameter to test the machining with the minimum current. After discharging the knife for 5 times, check the accuracy of the position. Perform the formal machining after no error.

4.Make a table to determine the corresponding number of motors processed.

5.When encountering angle machining, according to the machining angle of <EDM>, arrange the corresponding angle of the workpiece, and commemorate the analysis of the workpiece.

6.Correct the angle electrode, use the bottom electrode angle electrode to divide, and start the processing according to the setting of the machine program.

7.In order to prevent the generation of carbon deposits, when the processing depth exceeds 10mm, the knife must be lifted in stages with a brush, sandpaper to clean the workpiece and electrode.

8.After the end discharge of each group of electrodes, check the electrode wear. Determine whether to supplement the electrodes

9.After the workpiece is processed, measure some main dimensions and some easy-to-measure data on the machine.

Above are the basic process for EDM, if you are interested in this process, welcome to contact us at to get a free quote. 

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