How to Ensure the Manufacturing Precision of CNC Machining?
By Nice Rapid | Jun 15 , 2020

The precision of CNC machining directly determines the yield of processing. High-precision machine tools play a key role in reducing bad products and reducing the loss of products. The accuracy of cnc machining is an important indicator to measure the performance of machine tools.

The accuracy of cnc machining is often affected by several factors, such as position error, geometric error, machine tool positioning.... So, how can we guarantee the machining accuracy of CNC machining?

CNC Machining

1. Improving machining accuracy and controlling the original error of the machining center is one of the important methods. During the machining process, the position accuracy and geometric accuracy of the machining center have an important influence on the machining accuracy of the parts. For the deformation errors generated during the machining process, air cooling, water cooling and other methods must be used to control the thermal deformation during the machining process, to reduce the influence of processing accuracy caused by thermal deformation errors. At the same time, for the position error, it is necessary to choose a tool suitable for the material of the part to avoid tool deformation. At the same time, select a reasonable fixture according to the shape of the blank of the processed part. If necessary, the fixture should be specially designed according to the shape and size of the part to avoid the occurrence of Position error. 

2. The positioning accuracy of the machine tool has an important impact on the accuracy of the parts, and the core components that affect the positioning accuracy of the machine tool, such as the straightness and levelness of the system, guide rails, work surface, etc. When designing the CNC machining center, it is necessary to select the core components reasonably, so as to effectively control the machining accuracy of the CNC Machining.

3.CNC Machining technology is continuously improved, real-time monitoring of the whole process of the machining center to adjust the errors in the process in time, and collect the error data in each link of the process, and feedback to the control terminal, and pass the error The data adopts the corresponding error compensation mechanism, and timely error compensation can effectively improve the machining accuracy of the parts.

 Above are some methods to ensure the precision of CNC Machining. Feel free to contact us at to get more information about rapid prototyping technology, such as 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, Sheet Metal…

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