How to Manufacture Big Size Prototypes?
By NICE Rapid | Jan 18 , 2020

For so long in prototypes industry, customers often encounter a more confusing problem. How should we manufacture big size prototypes?

As we all know, small-sized prototypes basically do not exceed the size of machine, which is very convenient to do. But for big size prototypes, such as some automobile or household appliances, etc. The size of this product exceeds the size of CNC equipment. What should we do at this time?

Actually, for these big size prototypes that has exceeded the size of machine, we will split the products into several pieces by CNC Machining then bond together. The disadvantage is this method will have effect the strength of prototypes.

Therefore, when we decide to do split, the first choice is material with better viscosity, such as ABS, which has better viscosity. And when it is disassembled and reassembled, it does not have a great impact on the strength of the product.

Of course, if the product needs to be processed as a whole, this requires a more advanced equipment with big size. The current CNC Machine with big size in the industry is a gantry machine, which can reach more than 2 meters.

If you have a large size prototypes that needs to be processed, we have a reliable partner can provide services. And we are also equipped with an advanced technical team, which can easily produce large prototypes. Send your drawings to this email for a free quote!

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