Inquires of CNC Machining form Australia
By Nice Rapid | Apr 17 , 2020

Are you looking for a manufacturer who are able to provide CNC Machining services? Do you want to do some prototypes by CNC Machining as well?  Recently, we got some rapid prototyping CNC Machining enquiries from Australia clients, below is the details:

1.Hi, I would like to prototype a shaving stand CNC machined out of zinc alloy. I will attach a 3D CAD drawing. 

2. I would like to manufacture 2 of them if possible in the natural chrome finish of zinc alloy. 

3. It measures roughly 35mm by 35mm by 28mm tall. Could you please quote me on this? 

4. What kinds of surface finishing do you offer? Do you have some pictures of samples that show to us?

5. How about the shipping methods and payment methods? I prefer Fedex and I would like to pay by PayPal because it is vey fast. 

Above are some common questions from clients, actually most of clients will have these similar questions. If you are upset about solutions for your projects, welcome to contact us. NICE is a professional rapid prototyping & tooling manufacturer in China. We are very pleased to provide services if you want to find a best solution for your ongoing project, contact us at to get a free quote. 

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