Introduction of Commonly Used Editing Software for CNC Prototypes
By NICE Rapid | Jan 27 , 2020

As we all know, when CNC machining, we need to program 3D drawings.

The programming mentioned here is to disassemble the picture/model according to PROE software or solid works software, and then use power mill or Mastercam to program.

In the past, Mastercam has been used more. This is a commonly used programming software. It is relatively simple to operate and does not require high product structure. For example, we can execute engraving programming on the case products of TV sets or other digital products. The products have good quality, fine tool mark, smooth surface and do not have rough tool mark. This can save a lot of time and cost of manual grinding and polishing, just need to remove the burrs and scraps slightly!

If there are a lot of curved surfaces, such as a file in STL format, such as a 3D CAD drawing drawn with FF design, these have a lot of irregular surfaces, and it will be a bit difficult to program with traditional Mastercam.

Therefore, we will use the power mill programming software developed by Germany. It has a very smooth tool path for curved lines and smooth arcs, and the size of the product can ensure accuracy.

These functions solve the shortcomings of traditional programming software, make up for their shortcomings, and have better effects when used alternately!

Many customers now send many formats, such as IGS, STP, X_T, STL, etc. In order to meet the needs of different customers, as a professional prototype manufacturer, we can also use the software to achieve perfect services.

Of course, we will continue to upgrade the software in the future, try to use the most advanced technologies and processes to meet the needs of the market! Contact us at!

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