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How Is Rapid Tooling Involved In Rapid Manufacturing?
Aug 21 , 2017 | Industry News
Manufacturers today are burdened by high labour rates, increasing raw material costs and the constant threat of global competition. Given the current state of the economy, manufacturers must adopt continuous improvement approaches that increase production throughput by reducing production and eliminating idle... read more
Benefits Of Using Prototyping Technology
May 09 , 2017 |
Rapid prototype is a process which works as a sample for the actual model or product, it is the prototype developed for the purpose of testing various product features. It tests different aspects of a model or a product starting from ideas, design, features, functions, performance and output and much more. It is... read more
Our Five Top Tips For Moulding Design
May 04 , 2017 | Tech News
We know that you are experts at what you do and we like to think that we are the same. To ensure your product is manufactured to the highest quality and in the quickest time frame, we would like to give you five important points that may help you when starting on a new rapid tooling project: 1.)... read more
How To Find The Best Rapid Tooling Partner?
May 02 , 2017 | Industry News
Rapid tooling is a complicated business and you want to make sure that you are able to find someone who is reliable and value for money. On top of this, there are hundreds of companies offering similar services and prices located throughout the world. Here, we discuss what is important to look for in a moulding... read more
What are the Benefits of Low Volume Production?
Apr 29 , 2017 | Industry News
Injection moulding has always been a cost effective and useful method of producing large numbers of products in a short space of time. Once the tool has been manufactured and the production run started, any number of items can be produced until no more are required or the lifetime of the tool has been reached,... read more
Prototyping China Offers 3D Applications
Apr 14 , 2017 |
The world has gone aboard when nothing can be really called as impossible. The industries and businesses are flooded which unique ideas and ways to make the human world better everyday. Such is the technology called Prototype Tooling, it is a 3D printing tool. It is a part of manufacturing process and builds... read more
Artificial Intelligence is Going Places….
Mar 22 , 2017 | Tech News
Hot on the heels of Chinese technology companies reaping the rewards of their battle with their U.S. counterparts, comes the news in the China Daily that a Chinese-made computer has won a Chinese Chess or ‘Go’ game against another Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine. The computer, known as ‘FineArt’,... read more
Cleared For Takeoff? Maybe Next Year…
Mar 14 , 2017 | National news
Well, not a week goes by in the papers without hearing about the worsening congestion facing the Chinese aviation industry and the ensuing lengthy delays travellers have to suffer when trying to get into or out of China by air. Everyone has a story about how long they have been stuck in airport departure... read more
Is Chinese Manufacturing Declining?
Mar 09 , 2017 | National news
The U.K.’s Daily Telegraph newspaper has reported an article that first appeared in the China Daily, discussing the current underlying issues facing manufacturing in China.  Well, in the interests of balance from my story last week on why manufacturing in China is so worthwhile, I thought that we should... read more
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