Some Suggested Tips On CNC Machined Parts
By Nice Rapid | Jan 06 , 2021

CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process that uses rotating computer-controlled cutting tools like drills, end mills, and turning tools to remove material from a solid block of material, thereby shaping the part.

CNC machining is often used to produce industrial hardware products in a subtractive manner from metal or plastic.A highly replicable production process, CNC machining has played a fundamental role in the manufacturing sector, and is largely responsible for enabling the genesis of rapid prototyping. Before punched tape and computer numerical control technology existed, parts had to be machined by hand. This invariably created large margins of error in end prototype products, especially when machines were used for large-scale manual manufacturing. CNC machining transformed manufacturing by introducing greater efficiency into the process, enabling rapid prototyping and large-scale production at uniform quality and speed.


There are some tips to help you about the CNC Machining:

*No Internal Sharp Corner

The 90° sharp corner need to be done by EDM machine, if you are designing a part for cnc machining, then at least add a small radius, like R1.

*Proper Wall Thickness

The parts with 0.3mm wall thickness are too thin to be machined. Thin wall thickness is not suitable for CNC machining, suggest 0.5mm for metal parts and 1mm for plastic parts.

*Reduce Undercuts

Undercuts is difficult to be machined. When you design the CNC machined parts, please try to reduce the number of undercuts.

*Reduce Small Features

Small Features will increase the machining time and make the machining cost very expensive, reduce the small features will help save cost.


CNC machining combines the best of multiple worlds — axial restrictions aside, it can be used to quickly create parts of almost any shape, from any material, and with remarkable accuracy and precision. It’s also a trusted and reliable process, as industries from aerospace and automotive to healthcare and consumer goods rely on components and devices made through machining methods.


CNC Machining advantages 

Because CNC machining doesn’t require the creation of expensive molds, manufacturers can begin production far sooner than they can with other processes. CNC machining is highly automated, enabling production both during and outside work hours with minimal input from human workers. What’s more, multiple CNC machines can work from the same design, simultaneously producing identical parts — ultimately shortening production lead times and saving on costs.

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