Quotation of Injection Molding From US Client
By Nice Rapid | Jun 13 , 2020

We know that injection molding is suitable for mass production when customersneed big quantity. And customer will do some prototypes before go to mass production in order to decrease the risk of building mold. Recently, we received an enquiry from US clients. Below is the details:

1. I was wondering if you could make polycarbonateinjection molds? 

2. I wanted to know how it would cost me to custom made mold one be for the AR-15 lower receiver made out of polymer and the other one would AR-15 pistol grip made for polymer as well... 

3. The initial quantity would be 1000pieces because I want to test the products. If they are work well, I will go into mass production.

4. Meanwhile, I want a prototype quotation by CNC Machining or 3D Printing you can provide. On the one hand, I want to know your ability; on the other hand, I need to verify the design as well. 

5. The material should be polycarbonate, quantity would be 10-20pieces. I want the parts be painted according to RAL 9001. Thanks for your early reply. 

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