Some Correct and Misconceptions About CNC Machining
By Nice Rapid | Jul 06 , 2020

Managers that end up working in industries that use CNC usually start their careers in other areas. Although it is not a bad thing, those with limited experience will have a hard time understanding what is actually going on in a shop. Below are some misconceptions about CNC machining:

CNC Machining is an Easy Job

This is 50/50. It could be easy for some, but it could be hard for others. The whole idea behind this is that it makes machining parts fast, easier and more accurate.

But it is also quite complicated. As you go along with the process, you will learn more about it. Setting up your working area, programming, and making some adjustments may have room for improvement, even if you only save a few seconds. Its benefits include faster production and improved product quality.

Anybody Can operate CNC Machine

Although there are applications that have been designed so that an individual with less knowledge and training can run a CNC machine, the truth is that a CNC operator should perform many tasks that require skill and expertise.

The usual task of operators includes workpiece loading and unloading, cycle monitoring, acceptability evaluation, sizing adjustments, cycle activation, dull-tool replacement, workpiece measurement, and dull-tool recognition. Some companies may expect that CNC machining operators can do more, they can if you can provide them with the right training.

One can Predict the Completion of the Production

In a production that involves CNC machining, the managers may start to predict when the machine will complete the production. A device with 5-minute cycle time, and may take 30 seconds to load and unload. Having 200 parts to produce, the job can be completed in 18 hours.

Theoretically, this is true, but some factors determine the actual time of completion. The cutting tools may differ in time depending on the materials used. In replacing the dull tools, some may take only a few minutes, but others may take longer. Accurately predicting when a new job will be completed is not possible as there are factors that you need to consider.

G-Code Programming Is No Longer In Use

Many managers believe that all of the CNC machine today uses a CAM system. This could be right as most companies have some sort of CAM system. Some of the managers forgot that the output of the CAM system is G-code. It is the same G-Code that programmers use manually. It is the G code that CNC machine actually runs. If the operator encounters some problems that require a change in program, it is much faster and easier to change the G-code at the computer than to let the programmers make the changes on the CAM system.

A programmer who knows processing, cutting tools, how setups are made, machining operations, and cutting conditions makes efficient CNC programs. They can also help the people assigned on setting up and the operators who utilize the programs they produce. CNC machining is easy if you have the right knowledge and a good understanding of the process. 

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