Some Inquiries of CNC Machining in June
By Nice Rapid | Jun 04 , 2020

In June, we received some CNC Machining enquiries from some Europe country. Below are the details: 

Enquiry from UK

Hello. I would like an offer for the following: 10 pcs of each of the three parts in the attached file, made by CNC and lathe in raw aluminium. A price for a mould that can cast 2000 units of each part and the cost of moulding 2000 units. I should be done in raw aluminium free of burrs. Thank you, sincerely.

Enquiry from Sweden

Hello i'm looking for CNC machining. Can you please provide me quote according to attached files? I need two each of them and the material should be steel, also please quote the stainless steel for me. I want to check the two material. The surface finish is as machined would be ok. 

Enquiry from Netherland

Hi Sir, I want to some parts to be CNC milled. Please find attached files, I want to 5 pieces of each files and need the parts to be anodized. black would be ok. Please send the quote to me, the shipping address is Netherland. Thanks in advance. 

We have professional CNC Machining machine and some technician with good experience. If you want to CNC parts please feel free to contact us at!

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