Some Key Points of Rapid Tooling Design
By Nice Rapid | Jun 13 , 2020

The traditional method of using forgings or profiles to obtain molds through mechanical processing has long design and processing cycles and high production costs. Especially for molds with complex shapes or internal cavities, forging and processing are difficult, and even modern industrial development cannot be achieved. The requirements for mold technology are getting higher and higher. Therefore, mold technology is more and more moving towards rapid tooling development.

Rapid tooling is developing in a variety of directions, large-scale, high-performance, high-precision, processing costs are also rising, using appropriate methods to extend the life of the mold, reduce costs, save resources, is already in the mold industry and an important issue before. Therefore, which key points will bear on design of rapid tooling?

1. The mold should have sufficient bearing capacity, stiffness and stability to ensure that it can reliably bear the weight, side pressure and working load of the poured concrete during the production of the component.

2. The mold should be easy to support and disassemble and should be convenient for the installation of steel bars and the pouring and maintenance of concrete.

3. The parts of the mold should be firmly connected.

4. The embedded parts on the prefabricated components should have reliable fixing measures.

5. The independent mold uses a large amount of steel and is suitable for projects with a single component type and a large number of repetitions.

Rapid Tooling

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