The Difference Between Computer Number Control and Traditional Machining Manufacturing
By Nice Rapid | May 23 , 2020

With the continuous development of technology, in the industrial manufacturing industry, the demand for precision machining is increasing, so CNC machining is widely shut down. What is the difference between CNC machining and traditional machining?

1.The difference of process

Compared with the traditional processing technology, whether it is positioning datum, clamping method, tool, cutting, etc. can be simplified. In addition, even if the same processing task is the same, the CNC machining process can have multiple solutions. The process has diverse characteristics, this is the more obvious difference between the two.

2. The selection of tool knife

Compared with traditional machining, the CNC machining process requires more tools. After using high-speed cutting, CNC machining improves the machining efficiency, while also ensuring the machining quality, effectively reducing the probability of cutting deformation, and shortening the machining cycle. 

3. The different methods of manufacturing

The traditional machining process cannot be accurately controlled and is not easy to use. For CNC machining, the machining method used becomes feasible. In addition, in CNC machining, circular interpolation, post-processing and CNC trimming methods replace the traditional hole positioning machining filling Method, empty knife method and trimming method. 

In a word, on the basis of traditional machining technology, CNC machining technology has become the main development direction of the modern machining industry. It not only continues the current CNC lathe and ordinary lathe processing methods, but also effectively absorbs the mature technology and traditional machining technology Processing methods, to take advantage of this traditional machining. Welcome to contact us at for more information!

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