The Four Characteristics of CNC Machining
By Nice Rapid | May 25 , 2020

The rapid economic development and the power of science and technology are guiding the continuous development of various industries. Automatic lathe parts have slowly replaced manual. What are the characteristics of automatic lathes?

1. High precision parts and good quality

The positioning accuracy and repetitive positioning accuracy of CNC lathes are very high, and it is easier to ensure the consistency of a batch of parts. As long as the process design and procedures are correct and reasonable, it can ensure that the parts obtain higher processing accuracy and it is also easy to implement quality in the processing control.

2.Promote new product development and modification

CNC machining generally does not require a lot of complicated technical equipment. By compiling a machining program, parts with complex shapes and high precision requirements can be processed. When the product is modified and the design is changed, as long as the program is changed without redesign. Therefore, CNC Processing can greatly shorten the product development cycle, providing a shortcut for the development of new products, product improvement, and modification.

3. High productivity

CNC lathe machining can process multiple surfaces at a time, generally only the first piece is detected, and many intermediate processes can be saved. Moreover, because the quality of the parts processed by CNC is stable, it brings convenience to subsequent processes, and its overall efficiency is significantly improved.

4.High degree of automation, can reduce the manual labor intensity of the operator

The CNC machining process is automatically completed according to the input program. The operator only needs to start tool setting, loading and unloading the workpiece, and changing the tool. During the machining process, it is mainly to observe and supervise the operation of the lathe. Due to the high technical content of the CNC lathe, the operator’s mental work will also increase accordingly.

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