The Technological Process of Metal CNC Machining
By Nice Rapid | May 13 , 2020

The use of metal hardware parts has penetrated into all walks of life and is related to all our food, clothing and housing. The continuous development of the economy, our production and life cannot be separated from the application of hardware parts. Today, let us to know the CNC machining process of hardware parts for everyone.

1.We are using cnc machining to process products according to the design of the customer's drawings. The refined design makes customers more trust that the factory can complete the production of products;

CNC Machining

2.Raw materials are the core of CNC machining, and we must carefully select materials that meet the requirements of national standards. Therefore, we have three procedures and two quality inspections when selecting materials, starting from the source to fully guarantee product quality;

3.CNC lathe programming, using the latest equipment and machinery, fully realize the automated production line, and Nice has multiple mechanical equipment to fully realize automation. While saving costs and improving efficiency, we have also been paying attention to the latest equipment trends in the industry and continuously introducing Advanced equipment at home and abroad;

4.The operator has sufficient working experience, which can guarantee the steps of the processing process, and it is carried out in full accordance with the conventional process. When problems are found, they are reported and improved in time, and the process of the machine operation process is constantly improved; 

5.For quality inspection work, our factory is equipped with several primary, secondary and tertiary machines, and has its own testing room to ensure product testing and provide high-quality products.

Above is the technological process of Metal CNC Machining. Our factory attaches great importance to product quality and checks every level. If you are interested in cnc machining, please come to consult us at for more information!

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