Unique Advantages of CNC Machining
By Nice Rapid | Mar 18 , 2020

Today, CNC Machining has been widely used. What are its unique advantages? Why can it occupy a mainstream position among many processing methods?


Let’s share the advantages of CNC Machining today:


First, it has strong adaptability, good flexibility, and can process parts with complex contours and difficult to control.


Second, high production efficiency. Because we must be very fast in programming software, and it has high accuracy and high efficiency, which can greatly improve the production efficiency.


Third, high precision. Many prototype models have high requirements for accuracy. In the center of CNC Machining, its accuracy can get to 0.02 mm. After assembly, the stacking tolerance can be controlled within +/- 0.1 mm. The smaller the product volume, the higher accuracy.


Fourth, it can process many parts that cannot be processed by ordinary machine tools, such as parts with complex structures.


Fifth, the labor cost of automation will be relatively low. Because the person who operates CNC machine can control two machines by one person, even about three machines. Not only the processing speed is fast, but also the labor cost can be greatly saved.


The above are the specific advantages of CNC Machining. If you have projects that require CNC Machining, please contact us at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com

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