What Factors Will Bear on The Cost of CNC Machining Parts?
By Nice Rapid | Mar 20 , 2020

Usually when the product is in the stage of research and development, we will first make small batch CNC parts to test the performance of products. At this time, we need to seek for a company which is professional on CNC Machiningto produce the parts.  


Meanwhile, we need to estimate the cost of the part, and also consider the method to reduce the CNC processing cost. Then, what factory will bear on the cost? Please see below 4 factors. 


Raw material cost

The correct selection of bulk material greatly effects on the overall part cost. Optimizing your design, while selecting the best economy material without affect the product’s application, this is a good solution to cut down costs.


Machining time

Machining time is often the main cost driver in the CNC Machining Service. Generally speaking, the longer machining time usually brings higher manufacturing cost.


Ordered quantity

The volume significant bears on the part costs. Usually the more ordered volume is an opportunity to reduce the unit price. 


Other cost

If your part has special requirements such as tight/precision tolerance, high glossy, thin walls and complex structure etc., all these will enhance the machining difficulties, which leads to the higher CNC machining costs as well.


NiceRapid is a rapid manufacturing company and can take low volume orders. We offer CNC Machining service, no matter 1 part or 10,000+ parts, we can offer a best economical solution to you without compromising the quality. Contact our team at enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com to learn more about us!

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